Africa missed out on several global opportunities and is merely an end-user of technological advancements. The narrative must change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), particularly with Blockchain Technology. It is exciting how adoption across the continent is picking up with Cryptocurrency, albeit at a slow pace in other use cases, especially utilizing the Blockchain to solve local quandaries. There are several open-source platforms offering tools enabling entities to deploy dApps. Artists have always been underrated in Africa, with their works struggling for recognization and proper exposure. They are talented but lack a global marketplace to present their work, which means little appreciation for what they do in economic terms. Further, weak and non-existing intellectual property legal frameworks in many African jurisdictions expose their work to abuse. Artists have no robust means of protecting their artistic expressions from theft, consequently limiting their rights to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

However, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) present a solution to this challenge facing Artists in Africa. The NFT Afrika Initiative enables African Artists to understand NFT and utilize it to secure their works and bring them to global marketplaces on the Blockchain.

The initiative is a project by the Africa Blockchain University to work with African artists to expose their art to a Global Marketplace and secure their intellectual property. This initiative is an educational, networking, and advocacy outreach to place African Art on the global marketplace through NFT.

There is no need to build an NFT platform to railroad this plan as there are many outfits out there doing a marvelous job. Africa Blockchain University will seek collaboration and partnerships with existing NFT protocols to pursue this mission.

We will work with academia, art schools, and art associations across the African continent to empower artists with the needed skills to leverage NFTs. As part of the initiative, we will work with established NFT artists, Blockchain experts, and projects to educate and inspire African artists to join the Metaverse movement.

Artists will learn to invest their earnings from NFTS safely in Decentralized Finance products and services. We will give them the tools to prosper from their work in a decentralized fashion.

The Network of NFT African Artists that will come out of this initiative will develop into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the next couple of years. It will be run and operated by the African artists themselves with an on-chain governance model

There will also be several activities, events and engagements that will expand the frontiers of the NFT space in Africa. They range from festivals to meetups in art communities, cooperatives, studios, and centres